Remote Drive

Have you ever forgot a document at home or at the office? Do you want an easy way to transfer documents from one computer to another? Remote drive can be the affirmative answer to these questions and the solution to much more. Remote drive gives you the countrywide power to access other computers and share your computer with other computers and users. Also, your data is secure from outside forces and is backed up each and every night to ensure the safety of you data.Moreover, if your computer is lost or stolen we can disable your virtual drive preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing your files. We can even ascertain whether your computer has been activated and connected to the internet. Finally, we have the power to tell the authorities the IP address of your computer, thereby marking recovery of your laptop much more possible.

  • Document are always safe, even if your computer is lost or stolen.
  • Documents can be shared with other computers or users you authorize.
  • Help authorities track down lost or stolen computers.